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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

In Petersburg, it takes an entire town to build a gold mining company

The folks at Petersburg, Alaska, may be the living incarnation of the "grassroots" exploration project.

In a presentation to the Northwest Mining Association, Steve Beardslee spoke of the 70 townspeople, including the local hospital foundation, invested their hard-earned cash, rolling up their sleeves, and putting in a lot of sweat equity to attract mining to their southeastern Alaska town of 2,900 people.

In a region that fostered such mining notables as Kensington, Greens Creek and Eskay Creek, the future hot prospect on everyone's lips may someday be Woewodski Island.

Community involvement was of critical importance to the future precious metals prospects of Woewodski Island. Fishermen, dentists, schoolteachers, and politicians become vital stakeholders and active participants in the venture.

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