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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mining’s influence Industry continues to help build Alaska

The biennial gathering of miners and mining industry movers and shakers for the Fairbanks Alaska Mining Conference provides a consistent reminder for the people of this region about the importance of an activity that sometimes is taken for granted.

Fairbanks is a town built on gold, located in a state transformed and continually fueled by mineral exploration and resource development. Call it an obvious statement from a newspaper with “miner” in its name, but in the recent political climate it feels worthy to note that miners are welcome and appreciated here.

The mining industry in our state annually pumps billions of dollars into local economies and continually holds the promise of job creation and economic development in the most remote areas of our state. Few other economic engines — if any — hold as much potential. Consider Pogo Mine development and the community of Delta Junction or Usibelli Coal Mine and Healy as perfect examples.

This is not all about the largest corporations and biggest mines, however.

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