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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

State economists predict continued growth in '08

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- For 20 years Alaska's economy has been holding its own. So what should the state expect next year?

One state labor economist says, hopefully, we'll see more of the same.

Looking ahead to 2008, industry can expect growth in some areas while others may experience a slow down.

"You step back and look at 2007 and it's sort of an extension of the last 20 years," says Neil Fried, a labor economist for the state. "2007 is going to sort of end on an upbeat note."

Alaska has seen uninterrupted economic growth since the 1980s, the longest period in the state's history, according to Fried.

But with some economists predicting a recession on the national front, can the growth trend continue?

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